About TeMeno

40 years of experience in telecommunications industry

Specialist in alarm and emergency call solutions

Our solutions are used in healthcare facilities, utilities with critical infrastructures, public facilities, industry and hospitality. However, it can affect any industry because emergency situations are unpredictable and can affect any type of business.

Since 1970, we have implemented alerting and evacuation solutions, ensuring rapid distribution of information to employees or clients in crisis and emergency situations, whether group or person-related.

Der Bedarf an sicherheitstechnischen Produkten ist in den letzten Jahren stark angestiegen und wir dies weiter tun.

Since 2015 subsidiary of DigiComm GmbH

TeMeno GmbH is a subsidiary of DigiComm GmbH and rounds off the topic of security through alarming, fault reporting and emergency call solutions with its own Server.

DigiComm GmbH is manufacturer and System Vendor of secure Solutions in industrial communication Technology.

More information can be found on the DigiComm Website.